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18″ Light Up Bear


Teddy Bear Delivery Cebu 18” Light-Up.

Teddy Bear Similar products that are also available; 8”, 12” and 24”.

Teddy Bear Delivery Cebu choose white or pink

12″ Light Up Bear


Stuffed Animal Cebu Light up Teddy Bear 12”.

Stuffed animal Cebu, choose white or pink bear.

Similar products that are also available; 8”, 18” and 24”.

24″ Light up Bear


Stuffed Teddy Bear Cebu 24” Light-up.

Stuffed Teddy Bear Cebu Similar products that are also available; 8”, 12” and 18”.

Stuffed teddy bear Cebu choose white or pink.

Birthday Cake

Cebu Birthday Cake Delivery

Chocolate Dedication Cebu Birthday Cake

8" x 8"


8" x 12"

Birthday Wrap #29A

Birthday Wrap Cebu Roses mixed among other flowers to make a nice wrap.

Carnation Heart Box #53

Carnation Heart Box Cebu Heart shaped black cardboard box of 18-20 carnations

Ferrero Rocher Heart Chocolate


Ferrero Rocher Heart Chocolate Cebu 8ct in heart shape plastic container.

Assorted Flowers #67

Assorted Flowers Includes Roses, Carnations, Lilies and SunFlower mixed among other flowers to make a nice wrap.

Lovely Roses #69


1 doz Roses

Includes 12 Roses with fillers in a nice wrap.

Red Roses One Dozen #62


Red roses includes 12 Red Roses in a nice wrap color of your choice.

Key Chain Bear

Key chain Bear Cebu Cute 4 inch/10cm key chain Bear cebu

Key Chain Graduation Bear

Key Chain Graduation Bear Cute 3 inch/8cm Key Chain Graduation Bear

Key Chain Love Bear

Key Chain Love Bear Cute 4 inch/10cm Key Chain Love Bear

Package Deal #C02E

Flower Gift set Cebu includes; Single sunflower with fillers in a nice wrapper 12" Emoji Pillow 100 gram Toblerone

Pink Green Carnations #42A

Pink Green Carnations Cebu 18-20 Pink and green carnation in a limited edition 5 inch reusable plastic flower pot.

Roses and Lilium #36R

Fresh Flower Cebu

12 Red roses and lilium flowers in a wrap.

Small Teddy Bear Light-up 8″

Small Teddy Bear Cebu Delivery choose White or Pink.

Similar products that are also available; 12”, 18” and 24”.

Small teddy bear, 5 star service with delivery and satisfaction guaranteed.

Snickers 6 pack

Snickers Candy Cebu Bar 6 pack of full size bars. 306g

SunFlower and 6 Roses #61

Sunflower and 6 roses Cebu  is a bouquet of a sunflowers and six roses in a nice wrap.