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Anniversary Flowers

Besides a hug and a kiss, Flowers are the next most common way to show your love. By far red roses are the most common flower to give. Red is a sign of love. Below are some common types of flowers to give on your yearly anniversary. When in doubt it is always a safe bet to go with red roses. Flowers don’t last forever, therefore we recommend adding a light up stuffed teddy bear to your order. This way it will be remembered for years to come.  Don’t forget that if you are a new couple than you should also celebrate your monthsary.

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Flowers Direct Cebu offers a very comprehensive listing of products for many occasions including Anniversary, Birthday, Special Events and Weddings. Customers looking something else that is not listed may contact us and let us know what is needed.




Year       Flower

1st          Carnation

2nd        Lily of the Valley

3rd         Sunflower

4th         Hydrangea

5th         Daisy

6th         Calla

7th         Freesia

8th         Lilac

9th         Bird of paradise

10th       Daffodil

11th       Tulip

12th       Peony

13th       Chrysanthemum

14th       Dahlia

15th       Rose

20th       Aster

25th       Iris

28th       Orchid

30th       Lily

40th       Gladiolus

50th       Yellow rose, violet