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Flower Bouquet Care Tips

Flower Bouquet Care Tips

Flower Bouquet Care Tips

Flower Bouquet Care Tips

Now that you received your beautiful flower bouquet from Flowers Direct Cebu it is time to take care of them so that they will last a long time.

Most flower arrangements will last about 3-7 days and sometimes longer if cared for properly.

For all flowers you should;

If your flowers came in plastic, remove the plastic as soon as possible.

Smoke and fruit produce an ethylene gas which will cause the flowers expire faster.

Cut flowers in bouquets do not like full sun light. So, do not place in the window. Flowers also do not like fans or temp changes as this will dry them out.

Generally, cool conditions and fresh water will extend the life of flowers.

Flower Bouquet Care Tips

If your flowers came in the following designs these are some specific instructions to take care of them.

Floral Foam; The foam will be wrapped in plastic, cut a hole in the top of the plastic and add water daily. If there is no plastic on top of the foam then just add water to the foam.

Wrapped Flowers; The wrap should be removed, and the flower arranged placed in a vase.

Vase; Keep enough water in the vase to cover all flower stems, add water daily. Every three days empty the water and wash out the vase to keep clean. Add fresh water.

We hope you enjoy your Flowers Direct Cebu flower arrangement.

Why choose Flowers Direct Cebu?

We offer delivery anywhere on Cebu/Mactan Island in the Philippines.

We only use the freshest flowers that are picked daily. Most importantly this ensures that all orders are custom made and delivered the same day for lasting freshness.

So Most of the flowers used are grown in house. Therefore, the customer will receive the freshest flowers cut daily.

Specialty flowers will be sourced from other local or imported suppliers. For this reason, extra lead time will be needed.

You may order with secure payment and protection on our website. So, we accept all major credit cards, or customers may message us their order and send payment by bank transfer.

Finally we only serve Cebu and we know it well. Our family will treat customers like family. Flowers direct Cebu is local and family owned and operated. Need something else? Please contact us and let us know what you need. Also, Flower Bouquet Care Tips by flowers direct cebu.

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