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Gifting Flowers and What It Means

Gifting Flowers and What It Means

Gifting flowers to a loved one is a thoughtful sentiment. However, are you sure that you are sending the right message? Imagine how much trouble you’ll be in if you send a yellow rose to your girlfriend! The yellow rose has the meaning of “let’s be friends,” but it can also be used to say “let’s break up” to your lover.


If you don’t want to ruin a supposed romantic flower delivery, then learn the language of flowers before sending a bouquet.


White Rose


The white rose is a common choice for couples who are about to be wed. There is a reason for that! One of the well-known meanings of a white rose is purity. When a bridal bouquet has white roses, it symbolizes that the bride is saying “I’m worthy of you.”


Outside of the wedding scenario though, gifting a white rose to a partner can deliver the meaning that you’ll wait for the right time or for when your partner is ready.


Red Roses and Tulips


Are you thinking of declaring your feelings to someone special? Get either red roses or tulips for your flower bouquet from your trusted flower shop in Cebu! Most people would choose the red roses to convey deep love and passion toward their receiver. Red tulips, in the same way as red roses, also signify romantic feelings. You can make your love confession more memorable when you have red tulips or roses prepared.




The ruffly appearance of carnation flowers makes them stand out when arranged into a bouquet. However, the color choice will define what a carnation bouquet will mean to your receiver. It is recommended to prepare white carnation for people you are fond of. Pink carnation can be given too if you want to convey that you “will never forget” the receiver.


Avoid yellow carnation, unless you want to inform your receiver that you “disdain” them. Lastly, a two-toned carnation can mean that you “can’t be with” the person receiving your bouquet.


Purple Hyacinth


You can never go wrong with purple hyacinths when you want to apologize! Roses are the bestseller in every flowershop in Cebu due to their universally known meaning of love. However, saying “I’m sorry” after a fight is best done with purple hyacinths instead of roses.




Camellia has lush, roselike flowers and glossy leaves. When you gift it to another, it signifies the meaning that your destiny is in the receiver’s hands. Although camellia has that general meaning, you still have to pick the right color depending on who will be receiving the bouquet. Choose white camellia if you are giving this bouquet to someone you like. Red camellia is perfect when gifting a flower bouquet to your significant other. If you are missing someone, the pink camellia is most suitable.


Flowers Direct Cebu encourages you to learn the language of flowers before you choose your bouquet. That way, Gifting Flowers will have more sentimental value for your receiver. Visit us today so you can choose the most appropriate bouquet to gift your loved one.


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