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A Simple Guide to the Anatomy of a Bouquet

A Simple Guide to the Anatomy of a Bouquet

A Simple Guide to the Anatomy of a Bouquet


Flower bouquets are probably among the most common gifts that people receive. Many even use flower delivery service to give bouquets to those they love who may be far away. Whatever occasion it may be, you can expect flowers to be present. After all, different flowers convey different feelings.


Expressing Feelings Through Flower Bouquets


You cannot just put flowers together and give it to someone. If you do, how can you adequately express what you feel? There should be cohesion in the arrangement of the flower bouquet, mainly when using multiple varieties of flowers.


Achieving cohesion requires an understanding of the anatomy of a bouquet. Such knowledge leads to better preparation and presentation of flower bouquets. Any flower shop in Cebu will spend a considerable amount of time and effort to arrange flower bouquets. This way, such bouquets will reflect your emotions along with being attractive to the recipients.


Choosing the Focal Flowers


From the word itself, a focal flower is the main star of the bouquet. It is the point of focus that grabs a person’s attention. Focal flowers can stand on their own. A prime example is a bouquet of red roses.


The focal flower helps add meaning to the bouquet. For instance, you can choose the flower that you gave to your girlfriend on your first date. You can choose your mother’s favorite flower. Of course, this will all depend on the occasion and the recipient of the bouquet.


Throwing In the Secondary Flowers


Secondary flowers are the supporting characters. They help the focal flowers shine. At the same time, they also provide a place for the eyes to rest.


You can add secondary flowers to add beauty to the bouquet. Doing so may also accommodate personal preferences. For instance, you have your favorite flower as the focal flower. But, you want to honor your grandmother. So, you put in her favorite flower to the bouquet as a secondary flower.


Choose secondary flowers that complement the focal flowers. Make sure that they do not overpower the latter.


Adding Foliage


Foliage can add more feel to the bouquet. Certain types of foliage can bring a traditional look and feel. Some offer an organic or wild feel. In other words, foliage binds the focal and secondary flowers together for a complete look.


Different Styles for Different People


Take note that these are only the fundamental parts of the bouquet. Different people have different styles and preferences. Some people may add flowers with different hues, while some prefer a bouquet with shades of only one color. Other considerations include size, volume, and shape. A flower shop in Cebu can help bring these preferences to life.


If you are looking to give a flower bouquet to those you hold dear, contact Flowers Direct Cebu. Our creative and friendly staff will be ready to listen to your flower needs and preferences. Call or visit us today!


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