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Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Flowers

Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Flowers


Receiving a flower delivery can surely make your heart flutter. Especially if the person you are fond of sent the bouquet, it will be a meaningful item you’d want to keep forever. However, no matter how precious a bouquet is, it won’t be long before it wilts and dies. If you don’t have the heart to dispose of it, consider using easy-to-do floral preservation methods. There are innovative ways to repurpose old bouquets, so put your crafting hat on!


Fragrant Potpourri


Before the bouquet completely wilts, consider turning it into a potpourri. Potpourri made from natural flowers makes for awesome aromatherapy scent!


Start by drying the flowers. It may take a couple of weeks for the flowers to dry out completely. Once dried, put the flowers inside a container. Pick your favorite essential oil and add a few drops into this natural homemade potpourri.


Flower Frames


Flowers from the best flower shop in Cebu are always fresh. If you want them to last forever, one possible way to do that is by framing it. You can preserve the flowers as well as the memories that make them meaningful. With the flower frames, you can add a personal touch to your walls too.


To frame flowers, start by laying them in between paper towels. Flatten it with a heavy book. You can use an iron on low heat afterward to remove the moisture in the flattened flowers or leave it under the book for a couple of days. Once the pressed flowers are ready, pick a frame with exquisite borders to contain them.


Pressed Flower Crafts


Framing the flowers isn’t the only option for you once you’ve pressed the flowers. You can convert it into a bookmark, add it to a greeting card, or transform it into an artwork. The petals can even be impressed into a slightly heated candle wax for decoration. Pressed flowers can bring out the crafts wiz in you!


Face Mist


Roses are the most common flower used in bouquets from every flower shop in Cebu. So if you’ve received a rose bouquet, you can preserve it by transforming it into your very own beauty essential. Roses are known for their positive effects on the skin, after all.


Pluck off the petals and place them in a large pot with filtered water. The water should only be enough to cover the petals. Use medium heat to bring the pot to a boil. Cover it and let it simmer until the rose petals have lost their color entirely. Strain the water and let it cool before transferring to a spray bottle. Add water to a ratio of 1 unit of rosewater to 3 units of water. Add two drops of essential oil before replacing the spray bottle’s lid and shaking it. You now have a refreshing rosewater face mist you can use every day.


Flowers don’t have a long life span, but the memories contained in them make these blossoms worth preserving. Flowers Direct Cebu and our blooms are worth going through all the conservation methods you know how to do. Visit us today to see our lovely flower bouquets!






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