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Hypoallergenic Flowers for Your Allergic Girlfriend

Hypoallergenic Flowers for Your Allergic Girlfriend


One of the things that you can give to your girlfriend is a bouquet of flowers. Giving flowers is a romantic gesture that your girlfriend will appreciate. But, if your girlfriend is allergic, the bouquet you bought from a flower shop in Cebu might trigger an allergic reaction.


Pollen, which is present in many kinds of flowers, is an allergy trigger. It can turn a romantic event into an emergency. This situation does not mean that you cannot give flowers to your someone special ever.


Your allergic girlfriend can still appreciate the beauty of a bouquet with these hypoallergenic flowers:




Roses may have become universal flowers for romantic events. They come in different colors which give you plenty of options to choose from. You can also decide whether to hand them to your lover personally or through flower delivery.


These flowers have low pollen counts. So, they are less likely to cause allergies. They are not only beautiful but also safe for your special someone.



Most orchids thrive in tropical and sub-tropical areas such as Cebu. They are available all year. So, finding orchids for your loved one will not be difficult.


Orchids have sticky pollen. But, such pollen is not airborne. As a result, orchids are ideal flowers to give to your allergic girlfriend.




Tulips are also among the hypoallergenic flowers available in Cebu. Their pollen count is low. A mild rash may be possible if your girlfriend gets into a lot of contact with tulips.


These flowers come in different colors and varieties. You can find one that suits your girlfriend best without having her suffer an allergy.




While they are not entirely pollen-free, daffodils produce fewer amounts of pollen than other flowers. That is why they are excellent choices for your bouquet.


Daffodils are bright, lovely flowers to give to someone special. But, there should be precautions when your girlfriend has an allergy. Giving daffodils to your girlfriend is generally safe. But, letting her handle daffodils directly is another issue. Remind her to avoid having direct contact with the daffodils. Hives and allergic contact dermatitis, among others, are common and may affect your girlfriend.




Choosing hyacinths from a flowershop in Cebu can be a hit or a miss. Hyacinths have low pollen level counts. But, allergic individuals may find their strong scent irritating. At the same time, direct handling of hyacinth bulbs can cause inflammation and itching. So, be mindful when deciding to give hyacinths to your allergic girlfriend.


Keep Your Girlfriend Safe


Of course, it takes knowledge and familiarity to ensure your girlfriend’s safety. Know which flowers they are specifically allergic to. Avoid giving her such flowers even if they are on this list.


For help in selecting a wide variety of flowers for your special someone’s bouquet, visit Flowers Direct Cebu. We offer a vast selection of flowers, including hypoallergenic options. Whether you are giving flowers to your girlfriend or any family member, we have the right package for you. Visit or contact us today!

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